Doolittle Institute Hosts all AFSOC Major Command for Working Group

Conference addresses and clarifies SFA’s Guidance Memorandum on Publications and Forms within the Air Force

Collaborators from Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) and major commands (MAJCOMs) convened at the Doolittle Institute to gain a better understanding of the Air Force’s change to the Air Force Instruction AFI 33-360, Publications and Forms Management document.

Approximately thirty attendees from AFSOC and MAJCOM representatives participated in the three-day event. The collaborators focused on innovating the publication process, addressing aviation standards, developing electronic flight bag solutions and alternate training devices, and maximizing manpower efficiency.

Event coordinator Major Thomas Faust said that this working group couldn’t have been conducted via telephone or video teleconference. Major Faust said the Doolittle Institute offered major command a change of pace and an opportunity to collaborate in a relaxed setting.

Lieutenant Colonel William Kelly agreed, stating, “The Doolittle Institute offered an off-base collaborative environment, away from rank and uniform, that facilitated the open and free exchange of ideas among those in attendance.”

Through a Partnership Intermediary Agreement with the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate, the Doolittle Institute helps organizations benefit from expansive basic and applied Department of Defense (DoD) research. The Institute acts a neutral facilitator and trusted counselor, connecting a national network of individuals, businesses, educators and government organizations to enable creative and integrated solutions for our DoD customers.

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